A Tsuba featuring a two majestic wolfs as its exquisite centerpiece.

Each Tsuba is meticulously crafted to your specifications, ensuring it is a true masterpiece! Our Tsubas are meticulously created from high-quality epoxy resin, providing durability against scratches and impacts. Please bear in mind, though, that like traditional Tsubas, they have their limits, so wield them wisely in your practice, and you'll have an enduring and unique piece that pays homage to the noble spirit of the wolf!

Our Tsubas are even suitable for the largest sizes!

Our Tsubas can fit even the widest Bokutos. If your Bokuto is broader than the specifications provided, feel free to let us know, and we'll make sure they match seamlessly.

Standard Tsuba

~82 mm~35 mm~24 mm

This Tsuba

~85 mm~37 mm~25 mm


  • tsuba
  • wolf
  • gold
  • okami
  • bokuto