A cool tsuba with geometric designs as the highlight!

Each tsuba is made individually and with care, ensuring a unique result! We use high-quality epoxy resin to craft our tsubas.

Thanks to their sturdy construction from epoxy resin, our tsubas are scratch-resistant and durable. However, like regular tsubas, they shouldn't be overstrained. So, train properly to get a cool and unique piece that showcases the beauty of geometric patterns!

Our Tsubas are even suitable for the largest sizes!

Our Tsubas can fit even the widest Bokutos. If your Bokuto is broader than the specifications provided, feel free to let us know, and we'll make sure they match seamlessly.

Standard Tsuba

~82 mm~35 mm~24 mm

This Tsuba

~85 mm~37 mm~25 mm


  • tsuba
  • flower
  • geometry
  • classic
  • bokuto